In Social Media

Pinterest is yet another social media venue, which gives a business owner a wonderful opportunity for promotion.  If you are already using Facebook and Twitter adding Pinterest for 2014 is a must do!

Here’s why…

*Pinterest is 80% more viral and 3x more effective than Twitter.

*Pinterest users spend double the time on the site compared to Facebook.

*Pinterest is the fastest growing website in history (Source: Comscore) as of 2012 Pinterest is growing   40% more than Facebook, when it was first launched.

* Pinterest shows the user everything pinned by their friends, which expands your brand profile for free.

* Users of Pinterest can locate boards by brand name; follow boards, comment on pins and share pins with their network.

* Pinterest generates more referral traffic than You Tube, Google and Linked In combined. (Source: Shareaholic)

* Be sure to build up boards that represent your brand.

* Build relationships with influencers.

* Invite others to participate in a group board, especially clients.

* Be sure to engage with customers that comment on your pins.

* Best time of the day to post on Pinterest is 2pm – 4pm EST.

*Best time to post in the evening is 8pm-1am EST


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