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What is OUR Easter Egg you ask? Is it one of those wonderfully colorful, hard boiled eggs that the Easter bunny leaves for you to find? Not exactly, but we will make you hunt for it!

The definition of an Easter Egg is “an unexpected feature which is an intentional inside joke or hidden message in a piece of computer software, video game, movie, and yes, even websites.”

Have you ever stumbled upon any? Go to and type in the words “do a barrel roll” and watch what happens. Cool, huh? There are many things like that hidden on the Internet. Type in “Zerg Rush” to Google and watch what happens to your page.  Google isn’t the only website that has some hidden “Easter eggs”. Yahoo, YouTube and even Kickstarter have Easter Eggs hidden. Go to and type in the words “beam me up Scotty” and watch what happens.

The term “Easter Egg” was coined by Warren Robinett, an Atari game designer, who was discovered putting in a hidden message on a game he designed called “Adventure” in 1979. The hidden item was his own name. Robinett was hoping to gain recognition for his work since at that time, Atari kept these names secret.

So are you intrigued yet? We were, that’s why we created an Easter egg for you to find on our website. When you find it there will be a special gift inside. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it. HAVE FUN and Happy Easter!

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